How do I join Vernon BMX?


You can join Vernon BMX by coming down to the track on a Monday night to register with BMX Canada and then practice between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. 

A one-year BMX Canada membership is $65.00. It is valid for a 12 month period from the day you join.

We accept cash and cheque at the motoshed for renewals and new BMX Canada registrations. 


If you wish to use a Credit Card, please go to                           .  Please note that doing it this way will show as US dollars on your credit card statement.


We will enter your rider in the computer and ensure you have a plate for your bike so you are ready to race on Tuesday night.  Our coaches and volunteers are available to answer any questions you may have.

Sorry, but we cannot do New Memberships on Tuesday race nights. We just don't have the time to add you in the computer and have racing start on time.


Monday Night Practice

One of the most amazing things Vernon BMX has to offer, ( ..there are lots of amazing things) is our wonderful Practice Nights on monday evenings, FREE OF CHARGE, to our members.

We have been hosting our free practices for over ten years now and can see the popularity growing with our numbers and want to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable practice.

REGULAR MONDAY NIGHT PRACTICES - (no practices on Stat Holidays)


5:00 to 5:30 pm Striders and Balance bikes Only (no peddle bikes)

5:30 to 6:00 pm  Halftrackers and (New Riders of ANY AGE)

                           (This includes YOUNG Full trackers on small bikes)

6:00 to 6:45 pm  12 and under Full trackers "Skills Clinic" (any skill level)

                           (This practice is also great for "new and learning" Adults)

6:45 to 7:30 pm  Open gates for Experts/Adults and Coaches recommendations.


Our practices are a learning environment for riders who wish to improve their skill level and get some tips from our expert coaches.  Our coaches will help you achieve your goals while having tons of fun in a healthy, active family environment.

The track is open all day during the week and you're more then welcome to practice, roll, ride, race and play with your friends and family for your own great practice, keeping in mind that our Monday night practice is for listening, learning, and trying new things, and pushing yourself to another level. Just being on the track is always great practice, so you make BMX what you want it to be!! That's the best part about this sport!


We ask that members pick "ONE PRACTICE ONLY" 
(more then one practice per member, must be approved by coaches Shylo or Chris Spence)

HINTS and TIPS: Try to start at the beginning of the practice time and stay to the end of your practice to get the most out of these dedicated coaches. Warm up at least 15 minutes before you practice. Bring lots of water! SMILE and have fun!

Again, practice is not mandatory and this schedule is a guideline only. We are very flexible coaches and want every rider in the practice that will best suit them, safety wise, and in their comfort zone. It's up to the coaches and the individual rider where the best fit is for them in practice. 


Any questions about practice, please see Shylo or Chris.

How do I register to race?


There are 2 ways to register to race on a Tuesday night - you can do so in person by coming to the Registration window between 5:45  and 6:30 pm - OR -you can call in your pre-registration by calling the track 250-545-6990.

Effective July 23, 2019  Half-track registration is from 5:30 pm to 6:16 pm.  You must be entered and paid by 6:15 pm.  Half-track racing will start at 6:30 pm.


Please speak slowly and clearly.  Your pre-registration message must include:


      Rider's Name and Age

      Class    (Strider, 1/2 Track, Novice, Intermediate,  Expert, Girl, Cruiser)

      Plate Number


If you do call in for pre-registration, you must come to the 2nd Registration window and pay your race fee by 6:45 pm or call in to cancel the registration.  You will be responsible for the race fee if the pre-registration is not cancelled and you do not show up to race.


We try our best to post motos by 6:45 pm.


We try our best to start racing at 7:00 pm.


***Please note that if racing is postponed because of inclement weather, we run that race at the next Monday night practice.***

Moto Sheets & Staging


When you hear the Announcer call "Motos have been Posted" it means that each rider must go to the fence area by the front gate and check that their name, age, class and bike/plate number is correct.


If your name is missing or something is incorrect, you must come to the Registration window immediately to correct the mistake.  Motos often have to be re-posted after changes have been made.


When you hear the Announcer say "All Riders to Staging" it means that all riders must go up to the Start Hill.  A Staging volunteer will direct you to the correct lane and gate position.


It is important that you have the same plate number on your bike as what is printed on the Moto Sheets.  This will ensure proper gate position and scoring. 


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Track   (250) 545-6990

Alternate  (250) 306-8882


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